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We’re excited to see you at

2023 Risk Strategies Sales Conference

Welcome to the

Danger Zone!

"When I Fly, I'll Have You Know That My Crew And My Plane Come First."


Welcome to the 2023
Sales Conference

Thank you for visiting us at the 2023 Risk Strategies Sales Conference and for your interest in learning more. On this site, we have provided the information on our solutions and team.

Our Flight Manuals are below!

Download and see the many solutions we have to offer both higher education institutions and students.

“This is what I call a target-rich environment


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Higher Education

Student Health & Wellness

Risk Management

Conference Representatives

Terry Lyons

Education Practice Leader

Ali Rana

Managing Director, Student Health & Wellness LinkedIn

Bill Devine

Managing Director, of University Health Plans

Boyce Morin

Vice President, University Health Plans

Judith Baxter-Aung

VP, Client, Marketing & Client Management

Farah Pellét

Senior Account Executive

Paul Mayo

Managing Director

Elizabeth Marks

Senior Strategy Consultant

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